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Kavin continues to stimulate the country economy at the beginning of the year

Kavin continues to stimulate the country economy at the beginning of the year by organising the annual coffee and bakery exhibition in the heart of Bangkok.

Kavin Intertrade, the leader in the exhibition industry is ready to hold the biggest international tea, coffee, bakery and ice cream exhibition, which will be the first exhibition of the year, between 3 – 6 February this year at Hall 101 BITEC, Bang Na. With hundreds of companies from Thailand and overseas, expected to circulate over 500 million baht worth of spending in 4 days.

Mr. Kavin Kittiboonya, Managing Director of Kavin Intertrade Co., Ltd., said, “The coffee shop business is one of the ever-growing food industry sectors in Thailand. While the bakery business has become very popular in the past few years, both in terms of entrepreneurs and consumers. This is because it is a ready-to-eat business model that meets the lifestyle of the new era. Modern entrepreneurs can sell their bakeries from home through online applications and food delivery services. Both Café and bakeries are considered popular businesses to build start a career and make money even during the pandemic crisis.

This is a great opportunity for visitors to discover new products, gather new ideas and shop the latest equipment in the coffee, bakery and ice cream industries from hundreds of manufacturers, importers and distributors from Thailand and overseas, showcasing more than 7,000 new products from around the world at the best prices only in our expo.

Visitors will find a range of equipment for coffee shops such as coffee machines, grinders, roasters of all sizes, vacuum blenders, raw materials and ingredients such as coffee beans, chocolate powder, syrups, sweeteners, different types of milk for making coffee, coffee shop equipment, cleaning equipment, POS system to help manage the store, etc. For bakery shop and bakery lovers, we have the latest dough kneading machines, ovens, grinders, flours, cake decorating ingredients, Daifuku, hemp cookies, cake moulds, and for tea and ice cream sections, we have tea leaves, matcha powder, gelato machines, ice cream powder, bubbles for Taiwanese bubble tea and equipment such as refrigerator/freezer, cake display and all kinds of packaging, including containers, cups, glasses, and a variety of beverages.”


“This year, we have prepared new highlight activities to serve both buyers and visitors. With support from the Guatemala Embassy and the Thai Barista Association, we will launch the best premium grade Guatemala coffee beans, came directly to our exhibition from Guatemala.

The beans were selected by the embassy as the best representative of Guatemalan coffee from the famous 8 zones “Rainbow of Choices.” The beans will be fresh brews and served by Thailand Barista Champion and Thai World Champion as their signature menu, using their very own brewing techniques in the “Champion Village” zone.

Another new activity this year is the Coffee Traveler Adventure Camp zone, where coffee lovers can indulge in the slow bar – a laid-back lifestyle of the campers, sipping coffee while snacking and enjoying live music in a relaxed atmosphere. The visitors can freely join in an in-depth discussion with coffee industry people regarding future coffee trends. Others might enjoy shopping for coffee products and camping goods and don’t forget to participate in the photo contest to win prizes. On this occasion, I would like to invite entrepreneurs and coffee and bakery lovers to join us. Come and taste the mellow aroma of Guatemalan coffee that is loved around the world, experience a new atmosphere and enjoy fun activities at our exhibition,” said Mr. Kavin.

Moreover, exhibition goers from previous years really love our Café Hopping Street, which we have gathered roasters from all over Thailand for visitors to taste and shop coffee beans at the best prices. Don’t miss out on our free seminars and workshops led by industry gurus that we have specially crafted with the concept of building a new career and increasing sales in mind, such as the Desserts and Beverages Matching to create “High Tea” style for upselling purposes, the Intensive Barista Course for a new coffee shop owner led by multi-time coffee champion “Gigi, the barista witch”, the Gelato ice cream making which is very popular among health-conscious people and the demonstration of 2 bakery menus that guarantee the impression,  really delicious, easy to make and will sell quickly! With 1 menu for the beginner bakers and another menu for pastry chefs which they can adapt to create new menus to please their customers the demonstration led by “Chef Det Sangsrichan”, the founder and former President of the Thai Bakery Association, and last but not least the business matching that can be really helpful for those who looking for a new partner, extend their businesses or start a new business. In addition to the activities packed throughout the 4 days show and a wide variety of products, there are also fun activities that visitors can win prizes.

Entrepreneurs and lovers of coffee, tea, bakery and ice cream can pre-register for free admission today at It will help reduce wait times at queue lines and get a chance to win great prizes ahead of the event. Those who are interested can discover the prize draw rules and winner announcements at our Facebook fan page @ThailandCoffeeShow

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