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Why Exhibit TCTD

o   Continued high demand for new food/hotel equipment, supplies & ingredients in Thailand.

o   Substantial market potentials in not only Thailand but AESAN countries.

o   Excellent platform to launch new products and services to target buyers.

o   Strong database of high decision-maker level and buying power of visitors.

o   Offers great opportunities to network1ing and build new partnerships.

o   Special activities such as food and drink demonstrations, industry-focused seminars and business matching to draw in target buyers.

o   Extensive marketing campaigns through all media platforms, both in Thailand and overseas.

Visitor Profile

By Coffee Interest

Coffee, Tea & Drink Equipment 32.91%
Coffee Bean and Ingredient 22.44%
Packaging 15.86%
Operation / Software / POS 9.18%
Appliance / Machinery / Tools 7.77%
Frozen Food / Bakery 5.34%
Hygiene / Cleaning and Safety 3.55%
Others 2.95%

By Bakery Interest

Baking Equiment 31%
Bakery Packaging Solution 19%
Bakery Ingredient & Finished Product 17%
Bakery Production 13%
Franchising 10%
Commercial / Home Baking 7%
Other 2%

By Ice Cream Interest

Manufacturing equipment for ice cream 52%
Packaging, printing and processing facilities 23%
Flavors, fragrances, additives and supplements 22%
Other 2%

Join Exhibition

    Book a Stand: Rate &  Stand Registration

    Description Option Price
    1 Space Only
    (Minimum of 18 sqm.)exhibitor must build own booth with carpet and rent own utility.
    USD 380 per sqm.
    2 Standard booth size 3×3 = 9 sqm.

    comprises : 3 side system panel with white PVC covered height 2.5m., fascia name, reception desk, 2 chairs,2 lamps, 5amp. Socket, 220 volt (not use for lighting and waste basket.

    USD 3,690
    3 Premium booth Size 3×3 = 9 sqm.

    comprises : 3 side system panel with white PVC covered height 2.5m., 2 wall shelf, fascia name with country flag, reception desk,locker, 2 chair,2 lamps, 5amp. Socket, 220 volt (not use for lighting) and waste basket.

    USD 3,870

    Floor Plan

    Exhibiting Terms & Conditions

    1.1 Select and appoint stand design and decoration contractor

    • Call for meeting to rehearse company objective, necessary rules & regulations.
    • Choose only reliable and experienced contractor for the exhibition due to limited build-up.
    • Design the booth concept with maximum utilization of space under rules and regulations.
    • Order electrical power consumption required in advance before deadline.

    1.2 Pre-event preparation

    • Set action plan, time frame and strategies.
    • Meeting with booth personnel to rehearse company objectives and activities.
    • Prepare and get ready for exhibited items and/or presentation.
    • Prepare printed materials, brochures, give-away item for the stand.
    • Plan for logistics, on-site handling for build-up and tear – down period.
    • Prepare document followed by the regulation of thai custom immigration.

    1.3 During Show Days

    • Set roster or duty list for all booth personnel.
    • Rehearse objectives, plan, strategies with all staff at the stand and daily review after show.
    • Prepare show promotion materials, give-away item enough to hand-out to potentials.

    1.4 Post Show

    • Check all exhibited item at the end of show days and after the last days of show for moving-out.
    • Follow up on sale leads and evaluate results.
    • Call for meeting with all staff and contractor to review performance during show days.

    1.5 Exhibitor badges

    Please fill in form F4 Exhibitor Badges in English with CAPITAL LETTERS only. For your convenience please submit F4 before Jan 17, 2020. (There will be 50 baht charge for additional badges requested on-site.) Please use F4 to order exhibitor badges for move-in, show days and tear-down period.

    The badge is not transferable and exhibitors must wear it all the time while working inside the exhibition hall.

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