Who should Participate

    Manufacturers, Suppliers, distributors, and importers or Coffee, Tea and Drinks

Coffee brewer / espresso machine /Coffee percolators
Coffee roasters, grinders and blender
Mixer / ingredients as syrup, cocoa powder, sugar, sweetener, syrups, milk, creamer, spices, flavor, chocolate, sauces and etc.
Accessories as ceramic/paper cups, coffee dripper. milk frother, coffee decanter, Filter, straw/ napkin dispenser
Packaging: coffee bag, teabag, coffee filter paper,
Instant coffee, mixed coffee, healthy drink coffee and etc.
Tea and accessory as tea leaf/powder, tea pot, herb tea, instant tea, bubber tea
Other drink as juice, herb drink, chocolate, mineral water, cocoa, soft drink, mocktail, energy drink, smoothly and etc.
Deserts, snacks,
Coffee training academy, barista training academy
Baking machine, mixer/pastry blender, ovens, stove, Tunnel oven, rotary oven, convention oven, proofer, fermentation technology, steamer
Refrigerator system, freezer, display chiller
Accessories: baking sheet, cake decoration, kitchen equipment, measuring, pastry accessory, storage, scales, spatula, thermometer and etc.
Ingredients: powder, sugar, butter/cheese, milk, whipping cream, egg, food coloring, food scent and etc.
Packaging, container and storage box
   Ice cream
Mix machine / Gelato / Soft serve machine, freezer, blast freezer
Accessory and Ingredients: milk, sugar, dried / fresh / frozen fruits, topping, seasoning, sweet sauce, container, scoop, cone and etc.
Refrigerated displats

- Refrigerated Chiller
- Bakery Showcase
- Ice Making Machine